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Choosing a provider is difficult to do, especially through the Internet! Here is a list of areas I can help you with in your counseling sessions. If you don’t see what you are looking for, I want to understand what you need. Schedule a free consultation to “interview” me. Working with me, you will leave feeling you have learned something about yourself that you didn’t know before and you will be armed with the skills to combat the difficulties in your life.


Depression looks differently in children, teens, and in adults. Research demonstrates that CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is effective in managing depressive moods. I will teach how to refute negative thinking and increase coping skills, based on wherever you are at, whenever you are ready for change.


Bipolar Disorder Management

In order to manage symptoms on your own, we must first establish how your symptoms manifest and identify triggers of mood dysregulation, with the goal of maintaining mood stability for extended periods of time. I will suggest various interventions such as psychoeducation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family therapy - based on your particular situation.


I offer skills to help you with task completion, behavioral management, focusing, study skills, and social skill building, just to name a few.


School, Social, Phobias, Panic – You need the practical tools to feel in control. Life stressors affect thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy interventions and mindfulness techniques to address the physical sensations that exist in our bodies. Paying attention to how our body reacts to stressful situations and making changes on a body-based level is part of my comprehensive treatment process.

Trauma, PTSD, Grief, and Loss

Trauma leaves its imprint on both mind and body and research demonstrates that effective treatment requires involvement of both, which is why my expertise in verbal and nonverbal interventions is valuable and integral to healing. I am the only therapist in private practice in Lower Bucks County to be certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children. For more information, please go to the following link: I utilize aspects of the TF-CBT model in my work with adults.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dance/movement therapists’ unique facility for understanding, reflecting, and expanding nonverbal expressions can help those with autism improve socialization and communication, build body awareness, and can directly affect motor deficits. DMT can serve both as a bridge for contact and provide a vehicle for communication. For more information, please watch this YouTube video on DMT and Autism.


Relationship Issues

Perhaps you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship that is unsatisfying or potentially destructive and you feel stuck or trapped.  Or you are just uncertain about a relationship. Perhaps you want to improve family or work relationships. I may offer a new way of communicating or thinking about your situation, or offer a decision making model to help you organize your thoughts, for example.

Life Transitions and Adjustment

Adoption, moving from middle school to high school, college, divorce, switching jobs, or retirement – Change often brings with it a sense of fear and distress. It can also bring opportunities for growth. This shift towards the unknown can be stressful. I provide support to navigate the transition together.

Bipolar Disorder
Life Transitions

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Young Children

Not all therapists work with young children and I am one of the few to offer play therapy in addition to creative arts therapies, including sand tray therapy. Play is a natural and highly effective way to explore complex issues in which verbal skills are not necessarily a major focus of the work. Play therapy can reduce behavioral issues or fighting between siblings. It is also helpful for those who have experienced medical trauma, abuse, and bullying, for example. School counselors often refer students presenting with various school issues.  They don’t come with a handbook, and I also provide parental support, offering a half-hour session for children to work with me individually, and then offering a half-hour session to talk about parenting issues.

Clinical Supervision and Consultation

I offer clinical supervision for mental health clinicians working towards their LPC license and for those dance/movement therapists working towards obtaining their BC-DMT credential. Because of my past affiliation on the Credentials Committee, many dance/movement therapists seek me out to review their application essays, so even if you’ve received supervision elsewhere, please feel free to contact me before you submit your application. I also offer consultation on private practice management. All clinicians benefit from supervision as part of professional development, and many novice therapists have mentioned that engaging in supervision has helped them become more autonomous and confident at work as they develop knowledge and skills.

Please visit the Testimonials page of this website.

Young Children

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